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WilsonLearningWilson Learning is a global leader in Human Performance Improvement solutions for Fortune 500 and emerging organizations, with operations in the United States and 30 other countries worldwide. The company creates synergy between people and business strategy through an extensive range of world-class content, technology, and services. Whether your organization is facing business issues around sales, customer service, leadership, teamwork, workforce readiness, or individual effectiveness, Wilson Learning can help. We specialize in collaborating with organizations in hypercompetitive marketplaces, including health care, high technology, telecommunications, and financial services and all in the context of a truly global economy.

Our Approach - Human Performance Improvement

If you’re trying to improve performance, learning is, at best, only part of the solution. Consideration must be given to the marketplace, to strategy, to work processes, and to the priorities of leadership. Without these different pieces working together, attempts at change and performance improvement are likely to fail. At Wilson Learning we call this attention to the whole “HPI” or “Human Performance Improvement”.

When you work with our representatives and resources, you engage in an exploration that strives to identify all the factors that might influence or detract from your success.

The result: Solutions that are not blindsided by surprises, but instead are embraced by people who need to make them work as well as leaders who have to implement them into the day-to-day work process.

Others in our business ask questions to make sales. We ask questions to make sure that everything we do for our customers, be it a single class or a significant strategic initiative, provides the results you need to compete effectively in your marketplace. Our Human Performance Improvement approach delivers unique value to you — for without it, we’re only working on part of the problem; and, from our point of view, that’s just not enough!

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