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What Our Partners Say

what our partners say


 We at Namariq Co. would like to thank trainera for the two-day event you conducted for us during last October 2016. It was very informative, well-presented and enjoyable. Our employees learned a lot from the event and could link the messages from the event to the workplace. In fact, they have already started to use some of the strategies and tools you imparted to them with remarkable results.
Namariq’s Management team appreciates the passion and care you demonstrated towards our employees and event. Personally, I experienced that I left the event taking home some personal and professional insights that was changed the way I work with people. Thank you again for all the hard work.

Mohamed Yousuf Naghi & Brothers Group

I have had the pleasure of working with trainera for the past two years as a partner of our MY Naghi Academy. Throughout the bidding process in establishing the Academy, trainera has played a significant role in providing us with all the resources required. When the project was awarded to trainera, the team has illustrated great passion and commitment to iron out all the challenges we faced. trainera has also delivered all training programs for the Academy. They have helped our associates apply many techniques and strategies to support their work. We have a number of success stories which resulted in savings for the organization. Furthermore, the significant improvement we have notices in the teams is remarkable by all means. What was so important about the way the training programs delivered, beside its great value to the organization, is the way it was designed to be delivered over 1-2 days, minimizing the impact of associates being off work. I highly recommend trainera for any organization that is keen to make a difference in people development.

Customer Focus

Client Experience Partnering with trainera has proven to be a smart decision for us. Working with them is easy, hassle free and a great way to expand our products into the Middle East. We have been partners for over a year now and like clockwork we get our quarterly reports sent to us. It is really easy dealing with their team and we couldn’t be happier with this partnership. irector

SEDCO Holding

When we decided to conduct a team build up session we had three agencies, located in 3 different Countries (Saudi, Turkey and UK) to select from. After defining the scope and receiving the proposals we decided to go with trainera; being detailed in their brief and having positive reputation in the market. They were involved with us in all the logistics and communication plans before, during and after the event. The feedback after the two day session exceeded our expectations, all participants loved the event and they look forward for the next event to come.

Market Wise Advantage

Market Wise Advantage Australia has been working in partnership with trainera over the past few years. We have found the relationship to be very positive with strong desire and alignment of bringing lead edge capability training in the retail environment.
We find them true to both their words and their commitments to deliver the best training possible using skilled and dedicated trainers.

Arabian Trading Supplies

When I first started at Arabian Trading Supplies, trainera had already been assigned as our training partner, with an Academy one year into implementation. I had a different view then my predecessor on the direction of the academy, that would disrupt the whole academy if implemented. I found trainera to be very understanding and worked with me on a daily basis to achieve my vision of an academy. They were flexible, understanding and quickly replied to my needs. In the past two years since then we have partnered on many projects within the organization and I consider them as an internal resource not an external partner. Their friendliness  open attitude and customer service is refreshing. I am proud to call trainera our partner, and hopefully we will continue this relationship for many years to come.


trainera has been our partners in the Middle East since early in 2012. Our partnership can be best described as a mutually beneficial, transparent and enjoyable. Their team is talented and fun to work with. Their trainers are the best we have worked with in the region. trainera really understands their markets and know how to promote our product to the best of their ability.

Nahdi Medical Company

We have been engaged with trainera on several human capital development projects for the past few years now. We consider them a strategic Learning provider to our organization for the impressive wealth of expertise they have in this field. You can tell the difference whenever you are dealing with a learning provider who is capable of designing/delivering solutions that would yield tangible results with clear business impact and sincerely interested in building a long-term mutual relation rather than the training-as-a-single-event type of provider. trainera is well-differentiated in the market by their wide range of carefully-selected learning affiliations as well as their in-house R&D capabilities to mix & match learning solutions according to your organizational needs. We definitely recommend trainera as a strategic human capital development partner for your organization.
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